Up-and-coming talent and rising star in the music industry, AmiRimA is about to release her next album, “Secret Sharer”


Fall in love with rising international music industry superstar AmiRimA, who is releasing a brand new album this Thanksgiving this year. If you are looking for a fresh pop sound that will fill your entire mood with energy, your search ends here because the artist, AmiRimA, offers you exactly that!

Originally known as Amir Ali Siassi, he was born in 1979 in Los Angeles, California. Since then, he received an education in the United States and decided to embrace his Iranian roots, which led him to make music and pursue his art in Iran. Since childhood, he has devoted himself to music and songwriting, and began writing poems as a teenager. This interest made him submit several of his poems to competitions of international levels which earned him several nominations and prestigious awards. This later led him to take an interest in songwriting, which now forms a large part of his musical career.

You will be able to listen to completely unique and fresh compositions that you have never heard before. This makes the album even more enjoyable for listeners, which seems to be AmiRimA’s most vulnerable project. The album, ‘Secret Sharer’ will be released on Thanksgiving Day, namely 11/24/22. The artist has shown his caliber as a songwriter and composer on the tracks of the album which can easily become his most streamed project so far. You will also be able to witness his immense talent as a singer as the vocals add extra flavor to the tracks on the album. Features, KashFull & Kiam delivered outstanding performance that makes the trails even more enticing.

Recorded in cities like Tehran, IRAN and Los Angeles CA, this album will give you an idiosyncratic taste of both cultures that is impossible to ignore. Follow the artist on his website and on Instagram for more details and updates.

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