Waffles take part in the annual scavenger hunt


Women’s Gymnastics | 09/27/2021 21:00:00

The University of Minnesota Women’s Gymnastics team took part in Homecoming’s fourth annual scavenger hunt last weekend as Gopher Football faced Bowling Green at Huntington Bank Stadium.

The four teams, Team Gophies, Team Golden Girls, Team Kaka Fam, Team EAMO and Team Boat Rowers, were tasked with different challenges that would take them through the rear hatches and into the stadium. .

The teams:
Gophies Team – Maya albertin, Gianna Gerdes and Haley tyson
Golden Girls Team – Lauren Pearl, Mallory Le Neave and Erin Fortman
Kaka Fam Team – Alissa refuel, Katie Horak and Kate grotenhuis
EAMO team – Emilie Koch, Ali sonier, Mya hooten and Ona loper
Team of boat rowers – Olivia roseau, Hannah willmarth, Ella Sirjord and Tiarre sales

Get video proof from a fan saying he’s coming to a Gopher Women’s Gymnastics meet this year.

Thank a healthcare professional / security staff member for the job they do

Get a selfie / photo with a member / group of another Gopher sports team.

Take a photo with a Gopher elder

Selfie / photo with a support team member or group member.

Wheel in front of the stadium (bonus if you can get another fan to join you)

Selfie with Goldy (bonus if he turns his head)

Video making the rouser with fans / students in one of the tailgate lots

Video “rowing the boat” in the stadium

Golden Girls Team Lauren Pearl, Mallory Le Neave and Erin Fortman proved victorious, winning the title with 11 of 15 possible points. The EAMO team followed closely with 10 points in second place. There was a three-way tie for third place with Team Gophies, Team Kaka Fam and Team Boat Rowers, all with 9 points.


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