Watch Judas Priest play in Grand Rapids, Michigan



Video footage filmed by fans of JUDAS PRIESTThe September 16 performance at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan can be seen below.

The British heavy metal legends, who are celebrating their 50th anniversary, have added several seldom-played songs to their set, including “A blow to the glory” and “Invader”, as well as several songs that hadn’t been played for a long time, such as “Rocka Rolla”, “The Hell Patrol”, “A touch of evil” and “Blood red sky”.

The group’s setlist was as follows:

01. A blow to glory

02. Thunderbolt

03. You have another thing to come

04. Burning freewheel

05. Turbo lover

06. hell patrol

07. The Sentinel

08. A touch of evil

09. Rocka rolla

ten. Victim of changes

11. Desert plains

12. Blood red sky

13. Invader

14. Pain killer


15. Hell / Electric Eye

16. Hell folded for leather

17. Break the law

18. Live after midnight

JUDAS PRIEST launched its first tour in the era of the pandemic, the rescheduled “50 years of heavy metal” North American Trek September 8 at Santander Arena in Reading, Pennsylvania.

JUDAS PRIEST guitarist Richie faulkner Recount Lana morgan of 102.9 The Pig radio station on the “50 years of heavy metal” setlist: “It’s always a challenge to embark on a new tour, to create a setlist. They have, like, a million songs. You’re always going to miss someone’s favorite song. it’s dynamic, it flows, there are good peaks and troughs, tension and drama – and you put a setlist together like that – and you also have to tap on the old songs and the new songs, everything. kind of stuff. “We’ve put together what we think is the most dynamic, exciting, and dramatic set. And it looks like it’s going really well. And as we go through the tour, if we go back to the USA or if we do different markets around the world, we’re not averse to putting new songs in there – different songs, I should say. We could re-evaluate the setlist a bit and make it a bit bigger. exciting, change it.

“The reaction we’re getting to the setlist right now has been very positive, and there are some really surprising tracks in there – some that the band haven’t played in a long time and some that the band haven’t played in a long time. has never played live… until this point, ”he continued. “So as a fan myself, it’s great to be out there playing these songs and seeing the band playing these songs for the first time in some cases.”

October 15, JUDAS PRIEST will release “50 years of heavy metal music”, a gigantic limited edition box which will include all official live and studio albums to date as well as 13 unreleased records. This is the most comprehensive release of previously unreleased music the band has made from their extensive archives – a real treat for fans. Restored and mixed by Tom allom To La Cucina W8 and mastered by Alex wharton To Abbey Road Studios, this special version will be available via Sony Music.

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