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AS THE FIRST DEEJAYING COMPETITION in Rwanda draws closer, different players in the music industry including DJs are hailing the development saying it is an innovation that will play an important role in boosting the DJing career in Rwanda which currently lacks enough players.

Dubbed the “DJ Mutzig Amabeat Competition”, the competition is organized by Bralirwa Plc under its consumer brand MŰTZIG. It started in July and will continue until September 2022.

The competition, according to DJ Sonia, is a space for young DJs, especially women, to grow in the Rwandan music industry and guide them on how to gain noticeable advantages in the industry.

The first rising female disc jockey also said the competition comes at the right time when the nightlife industry is recovering from the pandemic, saying it will help some DJs gain exposure which will help them get different opportunities, including concerts in nightclubs and concerts.

According to DJ Habz, a member of the famous duo Nep DJs, the contestant is a great addition to the music industry that will help DJs learn from each other, thereby improving their spinning skills.

“It’s a great experience that many of us never had at the start of this career. For beginners, it’s a great platform to shine and show what they have in their hands,” a- he declared.

Habz further stated that the contestant could contribute to the rise of different unpopular genres in Rwanda like house and EDM if the contestants represent them well.

For DJ Toxxyk, such innovations indicate how the DJ career began to be recognized in the country, which is easily seen in the partnership he obtains from big companies like Bralirwa.

“Blirirwa supporting DJs means a lot to the music industry because some of us have never had this opportunity. We need more partnerships and competitions to uplift Rwandan DJs,” Toxxyk said while urging young DJs to hurry up and enter the competition.

“A DJ’s goal to succeed is more competitive than ever. When not behind the decks, DJs need to be in constant contact and networking, as well as self-branding and promotion on social media in order to land gigs, and this contest will help that apply in Rwanda. It was a necessity in our industry! Lucas Mugisha, an 18-year-old EDM DJ, spoke about the contest.

According to the organizers, the winner of the DJ MŰTZIG AMABEATS competition will be awarded a one-year contract as an official DJ MŰTZIG. The same company has played a big role in the rise of Rwandan music in the past through Primus Guma Guma Superstar, the first major music competition to take place in Rwanda.

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